Emergency & Scheduled C-Sections: What You Need To Know

Many expecting mothers know by now that baby will come whenever baby sees fit! No matter how many times you drink raspberry tea, jog across the lawn, or attempt digesting castor oil, your baby will make an appearance when your body and baby are physically ready.

However, the caveat to that is if they are pre-planned to come into the world through c-section. C-sections get a bad rep when it comes to the best way to give birth. But what many don’t realize, is that it is one of the safest, fastest methods and is often the only choice when your baby or yourself is in distress.

Generally, many all-natural or fit mamas, go in with their mind set on giving an all-natural birth – that is until something doesn’t go right. And that’s when emergency c-sections come into play.

It’s important to always be prepared for anything when it comes to giving birth. Need to know what you