Kim Porter And Why Some Doctors Don’t Believe Black Women

The passing of model, actress, and mother Kim Porter, hit the world hard. She was a beautiful Black woman who seemed healthy, had no previous signs of health issues, but then passed at the young age of 47.

Now, there are stories going around that say she had issues, had a doctor, but the doctor did not listen to her. This is eerily familiar to the true story of Serena Williams during labor. Serena had to literally ‘save her own life’ because her doctor didn’t believe the level or seriousness of pain she was going through.

Given this environment where the person who is supposed to help you–your doctor–is not listening to you, many black women have found their own ways to advocate for their health. From making a full-on production about their pain to asking a thousand questions a thousand different ways, something has to be done.

Black women’s bodies have been abused by the medical profession for hundreds of years. J. Marion Sims is considered the “father of modern gynecology.” Sims was a