Syleena Johnson: The Next Chapter

R&B Divas TV star and real-life singer/songwriter Syleena Johnson is known for songs such as “I Am Your Woman” and “Hypnotic” and collaborations with superstars like Kanye West and R. Kelly. She has a new show, Sisters Circle, on TV One and Her singing legacy runs deep, being the daughter of the legendary Syl Johnson.

Johnson’s road to music was hardly easy. Her father, Syl, was not encouraging, and on top of that, Johnson suffered from vocal nodules and had to go through speech therapy. When Johnson was fifteen, her parents split up. Despite these setbacks, Johnson’s relationship with both her parents and her music remained strong. After having nodes removed from her vocal cords, she took two years of speech therapy. She has seven years of vocal training.

After working incredibly hard to lose nearly 70 pounds after giving birth to two boys in four years, Syleena took it upon herself to help other mothers do the same. Johnson wants to help mothers get their bodies and souls together with “Mommy’s Got Soul” – a workout DVD specifically designed to help mothers lose baby weight and get in shape. What sets this workout DVD apart from other baby boot camp DVDs?

“I wanted to inspire real mothers who look like real women and make a realistic DVD that will motivate the average sized woman,” says Syleena. She added that it’s time mothers mixed being caregivers with taking good care of themselves as women.

Syleena combines her music career, advocacy for women, and love for health and fitness all into one passion packed workout. The 50-minute DVD consists of different types of workouts, including a kettle bell workout, yoga, and a cool-down. The video features Syleena, as well as her R&B Divas co-star Nicci Gilbert, Chanita Foster of VH1’s Football Wives, trainer Justin Sawochka, and the DVD co-executive producer, Sheena Minard.

Selena also helps women struggling with weight in her blog called, “The Weight Is Over,”.  In it, she dishes out advice on how to not only lose weight but keep it off.

(photo credit: Syleena Johnson instagram)

(photo credit: Syleena Johnson instagram)

“Taking care of the mind is equally as important as taking care of the body. One of the methods I use intermittently throughout the day is called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping,” explains Syleena in her blog.

“According to my favorite naturalist doctor and health advocate Dr. Joseph Mercola, EFT is the psychological acupressure technique based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over 5000 years, minus the invasiveness of needles. It is done by tapping lightly on specific parts of the body that release magnetic energy flow, while voicing positive affirmations.”


“It is a simple technique you can use anywhere, and it can immediately help you remove negative emotions, reduce food cravings, eliminate pain and implement positive goals. Stress can hinder the journey to health and wellness. EFT can be a key element to help you reclaim control of your emotional state and promote mental well-being. It can create calmness and peace, allowing you to refocus and regain control of your diet, your finances, your relationships or anything that you have anxiety about.”

“For example, I use EFT when I am experiencing a sugar craving. I just tap lightly on the top of my head, my temple, my chin, my chest or under my arm and repeat to myself,…