This Richmond Black-Owned Cafe Serves Up A Mean Vegan Bowl!

When you walk into most cafes, you’ll find options limited to what mainstream America eats and drinks: espresso beverages, cream-filled bagels, and fresh-brewed coffee. As a vegan, these options aren’t on my personal palette of consumption options. So it’s a time-consuming endeavor trying to find a place to meet-up with others without just opting in for an overpriced bottle of water.

Fortunately, not all cafes are created equally. During my trip to Richmond, VA, I was introduced to a cafe that stole my heart away and nourished my body and soul like no other.

Meet the Urban Hang Suite RVA: vibrant, inviting, and enriching. Opened in 2018, the cafe reflects Kelli Lemon’s vision of what Richmond can become. Lemon, a well-known community leader, radio personality, and host of the Coffee with Strangers podcast, sees Richmond as a rose growing out of concrete and was inspired to design a space that would bring the beauty of Richmond to life.

When I walked down the historically African-American district of Jackson Ward, I noticed that this petite treasure lit up the entire community. This two-room cafe has a personality that evokes creativity and conversations. As soon as you