Your Body Is A Masterpiece & You’re The Artist: 5 Healthy Habits To Change Your Norm

African American woman with braids dab danceIn a culture where being “thick” is often praised amongst men and women, it is easy to understand why the curvy and voluptuous frame of the Black woman is often loved, adored, and considered the normal (“norm”) body type within the African American culture.

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Yes, studies show having a bigger booty and thighs can be good for your health, however, it is essential for African American women to get a clearer understanding of why being “thick” isn’t always a good thing.

Allow me to explain!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) four out of five African American women are obese. Obesity has been linked to chronic illnesses such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancers. When compared to all other races and ethnicities these chronic conditions affect African American women at a higher rate, resulting in unhealthy communities, unhealthy economies and unhealthy families.

What about you?

Have you allowed the environment around you and your culture to affect how you see your body and healthy living? If you have, allow me to provide you with five tips to change the “norm” and help you reach a better state of health for you and your family. I am my sister’s keeper and I desire to keep you healthy!

5 Tips To Change Your Norm and Get Healthy

1. Think Healthy above Anything Else: Having curves or a full figured frame is a beautiful thing; however, it is important to ask yourself if your curves are healthy? Having a larger frame often results in carrying excess body fat in the abdominal and hip areas. By carrying excess body fat in the abdominal area you place yourself at higher risk for heart disease and other medical conditions.

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2. Don’t Accept It’s Generational: Family history plays a major role in determining ones risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension. However, through healthy lifestyle changes you can prevent these illnesses from happening to you. Just because your mother or father has/had diabetes doesn’t mean you have to have this condition too! Change this “NORM.”