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    Michelle Obama’s Hairstylist: 6 Tips For Presidential Hair

    JohnnyHeadshot2011 660x450 Michelle Obamas Hairstylist: 6 Tips For Presidential Hair

    Michelle Obama: First Lady, style icon and the epitome of a strong, black woman.

    While many wonder what she will do next, or what she’ll have on next, others ask who’s responsible for her flawless hairstyles.

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    Johnny Wright, the First Lady’s exclusive hairstylist, and artistic style director for SoftSheen-Carson, is the First Lady’s go-to guy when it comes to maintaining her perpetually polished look. The Chicago native says, “Hair is just like any other accessory. You’ve really got to make it go with what you’re wearing.”

    Check out Johnny’s tips for rocking a presidential-worthy hairstyle:

    Know Your Style:
    “Some styles are made for hair only when it’s blown-out straight. You want a cut that’s made for both curly and straight looks,” Johnny says. “If you’re concerned with how your hair will look wavy, ask your stylist to cut it when it’s curly, and then blow it out and fine tune when it’s straight.”

    Embrace The “Up-Tuck” Style:
    “I’m a big fan of what I call the up-tuck. It works very well with face-framing layers, which most people have. You pin-up all the hair in the back, and then let the front fall naturally. It’s like you’ve gotten a haircut. You kind of fake them out a little bit, and it’s a great way to add versatility to your look.”

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