BDO is the leading health and wellness destination for people of color. We marry culture and content with physical products and services to transform people’s lives. Editorially, BDO shares culturally relevant tips and strategies on health, wellness, lifestyle, and longevity. All of this combines to create the BDO Roadmap, the Roadmap to Living your best life as a person of color in the US.

BDO brings content to life through our products and services designed to enhance the lives of the Black Community. BDO Connect is the nation’s first doctor search tool for culturally sensitive doctors. BDO Wellness offers a custom green juice powder that enables our audience to get their daily vegetables and superfoods in one delicious drink. No more suffering from food deserts in the Black community. With our personalized DNA Kits our readers can receive customized diet, exercise, and supplements plan based on their unique DNA. Imagine, living life to the fullest based on a plan that was made for you! We give you easy to understand, relevant and applicable action plans to turn your DNA insights into action.

Reginald Ware, CEO reg_ware_2The visionary behind BDO is Reginald Ware. Reggie has over 20 years of healthcare marketing experience and has worked with African American doctors the majority of those years. Reggie’s background includes magazine publishing, public relations, website management, television production/sales, sales training and consulting. Reggie is the original founder of Heart & Soul Magazine, which was the first healthy lifestyle magazine for African American women.  In its prime, Heart & Soul touched the lives of over one million African Americans. Heart & Soul was eventually sold to BET and Vanguard Media. During Reggie’s tenure as head of his public relations firm, leading physicians and dentists were featured in major media outlets from Cosmo, Glamour, Vogue, and Essence magazines to the Oprah Winfrey show. Reggie graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Marketing and is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Please contact Reggie at [email protected].
Bryana Holcomb, Editor Bryana is a life coach dedicated to empowering all whom she encounters through writing, speaking, and coaching. Her aim is to inspire YOU to be the best version of yourself! Bryana believes that we are all artists and life is a canvas allowing us, the artists, to create it how we envision. As a writer, Bryana is a published author and has written and edited for major print and online publications, with a focus on women’s interests and entertainment. She began her career in publishing as a fashion and music editor for BOLD Magazine in Los Angeles, CA.  Bryana earned a Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Women’s studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and continued on to receive her MBA in Management Strategy, and certifications in Life Coaching and Holistic Nutrition. Contact Bryana at [email protected].
Derrick M. Lane, Chief Marketing Officer Derrick Lane is a forward thinker: “those who relish in the beauty of today, while creatively imagining tomorrow’s opportunities.” Mr. Lane has been fascinated by the everyday use of technology from age seven, and married both his passions for technology and advertising together at an advertising agency for six years. Mr. Lane honed his skills at R.J. Dale Advertising & Public Relations as a Senior Account Executive before joining as Marketing Director, then Chief Content Officer and ultimately Chief Marketing Officer. In his current role, Mr. Lane oversees all online and offline marketing efforts, traditional and new media, while forging creative ways to strategically deliver relevant health content in a contemporary, pop-culture society. Mr. Lane also teaches entrepreneurship to youth and adults at various faith-based and community institutions, creates branded networking events, and sits on the board for various organizations. Mr. Lane received his undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and multiple online marketing certifications from the Online Marketing Institute based in San Diego, CA. Contact Derrick at [email protected]
Awards and Recognition BDO is passionate in its mission to deliver the highest-level of credible and effective healthcare resources. We are proud that others in the healthcare field who are just as passionate have chosen to recognize our efforts through the years, including the proud recipient of multiple awards and honors, including the 2006 Web Award for Health Care Standard of Excellence. BDO enjoys over 1.8 visitors per month, and has been featured in multiple publications across the nation, including The New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Atlanta Constitution, Dallas News, Self Magazine and Jet Magazine.
Editorial Opportunities & Policy is always looking for talented writers who share in our passion and mission statement. We also invite qualified healthcare professionals with various areas of expertise to contact us concerning topics that they would like to have covered on our website.  Send a comment to our editor at [email protected] Please view our Editorial Policy.
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