Cayenne Pepper: Recipe For Hair Growth!

African American woman hairDo you want to learn a new, HOT way to grow your hair? Try picking up some fresh cayenne peppers during your next trip to the grocery store. Cayenne pepper, scientifically known as Capsicum Annuum, is naturally a potent stimulant. It is good for increasing the activity in the body’s respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.

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The capsaicin compound is what gives the pepper its heat. When placed on the scalp, it causes a tingling sensation. What you’re feeling is actually the cayenne triggering increased blood flow from the root of the hair to the follicles. This, in turn, causes increased hair growth.

Here is a recipe to create your own cayenne hair oil that you can use to jumpstart your hair growth journey!

What you will need:

4-6  fresh Cayenne Peppers
60 ml of  olive oil
Dark-colored container/bottle

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