How To Help A Friend Through Bad Financial Times

A group of friends talking on a balcony
It’s becoming quite a common story. As best friends, you thought you’d been through it all together. Suddenly life deals your best friend a devastating blow in the form of a job loss.

Months go by as you watch her go through her savings, emergency funds and finally, her retirement money. As much as you and the other girls wish you could ease her financial burden, sadly, that’s not possible. You’ve got your hands full with your own monthly obligations.

So what can you do?

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After a lengthy lay off, even the smallest gesture can mean the world to a friend in need.

Give the gift of being a willing ear and shoulder to cry on. Acknowledge her concerns while bolstering her confidence. Remind her of how strong she is and encourage her by letting her know what a good job you think she’s doing. Girlfriends can’t take the place of a mate, but they can take up some of the emotional slack.