The Gorgeous Way To Travel

A woman walking quickly with her suitcaseTraveling can be tough on the skin, particularly if you fly. Elevated pressure can lead to skin dehydration, and the added stress of traveling isn’t really doing you any favors, either. On top of that, increased restrictions on  which products you can even carry with you make things even more challenging.

So how to maintain your healthy glow, and avoid looking frazzled, fatigued and just not very cute?

Know What Your Skin Needs

Learn the ingredients that are crucial for your skin type so that you know which products to pack and which to leave behind. I have found that many people are harming their skin simply by using the wrong ingredients. For example, if you have drier skin, washing with some types of cleansers may strip the fats from your skin, leaving it dull and irritated. Also, if you make the mistake of using certain products on very sensitive skin, it can lead to inflammation and skin discoloration.

While You’re On Your Way…