Keyshia Cole: Family Saved Our Lives

keyshia-cole-and-motherThings seem to finally be getting better in the Cole household.

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Keyshia recently posted:

“For those who CARE. My mother Frankie’s much better. More mature, Not cursing around DJ, and she weighs more than me. Think she doing sumthin. LoL. I love her like this. She’s such a wonderful, funny, loving, caring grandmother. She’s getting along with my mom Yvonne. Like living a dream.”

After a stint on VH1 ‘Celebrity Rehab,’ Frankie Lons recently found herself back behind bars on drug possession charges. Earlier, she was locked up on a parole violation charge for failing a drug test. “You know I really pray she gets it together for herself,” Cole tweeted of the news. “She has to want change for herself.”