Build Strength – Without The Weights

african american man doing closed hand pull up( – You may not believe it, but you don’t necessarily need barbells, dumbbells or machines to build muscle; in fact, weight-training equipment often inhibits the process. That’s because it requires you to be in a specific location, which might explain why more people try to classify themselves as runners or walkers, and not lifters. After all, running/walking are couple of the most accessible forms of exercise—anywhere you go, there’s your gym. But the same can hold true for your muscle workout.

An example of this? The pullup: It’s the standard by which all body-weight exercises are measured. And even the most hard-core lifters will agree that there’s no better muscle builder for the upper body—with or without weights. The reason for its effectiveness is that it takes full advantage of the scientific laws of motion and leverage, placing your body in a position that forces your back and arms to lift your entire body weight.

Now imagine if all body-weight exercises were as challenging as the pullup. You’d be able to build muscle anywhere, anytime—at home, on the road, or even in a park.

The Longer Your Body, The Harder The Exercise

The Theory: An empty barbell is easy to lift off the floor if you grab it in the middle. But try moving a few inches in one direction and it instantly seems heavier—even though its weight hasn’t changed. The same is of the true body: Lengthen it and every exercise you do becomes harder. By increasing the distance between your target muscles) and your body, you decrease your mechanical advantage.