High Blood Pressure: Why Is It Such An Issue?

A blood pressure gauge with a heart in itYou hear so much about high blood pressure (HBP) when it comes to how to avoid/control it: what foods not to eat, what medications to take, how genetics may play a role, etc. But actually, high blood pressure, also known as HBP or hypertension, is a widely misunderstood medical condition….many people don’t really understand what it is or why it can cause so many dangerous problems.

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Some people think that those with hypertension are tense, nervous or hyperactive, but hypertension has nothing to do with personality traits. The truth is, you can be a calm, relaxed person and still have HBP.

Let’s look at the facts about blood pressure so you can better understand how your body works and why it is smart to start protecting yourself now, no matter what your blood pressure numbers are.

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