Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

A smiling woman bending over a sink with her hands under running waterFlowers are blooming, birds are chirping – Spring is officially in the air! Everything about spring is light and airy; the same should be true of your beauty routine. Although it may seem like a chore to do spring cleaning, you’ll feel great afterwards!

Here are a few quick beauty “chores” that will get your skin ready for spring:

Change your wardrobe, change your products. Skin produces more oil when the weather gets warmer so those heavy creams you were using for your winter dry skin will be too occlusive and heavy for you. So as you shed those winter clothes, now is the time to ‘pump and pour’ rather than ‘scoop’ your lotion.

Push your beauty routine a bit. Living in Chicago where winters are harsh and most skin is dry and sensitive due to the weather, I am more conservative with procedures and facial products. This changes with warmer weather so we can push your routine a bit and use products and procedures with a bit more punch. If you are almost out of your medications and products, this is a good time to visit your dermatologist so you can discuss your spring and summer regimen. (TIP: get a mole check while you are there!!). Remember, many anti-aging beauty products may make you more sun sensitive which is why they are usually applied at night. Sunblock in the morning is non-negotiable!

Clean out your makeup bag/drawer and replace your old products. If you have had it since college or it is powder blue, it is time for the trash! Toss everything which is expired (medications, creams, products become less effective over time). To prevent harboring bacteria, replace products that should be replaced such as: mascara (every 3-4 months), disposable shower razor (every month), lipstick (every year) and foundation (every 12-18 months).