Beautiful Skin On A Budget

woman with face mask putting on lotion
Want gorgeous, glowing skin, but don’t want to pay a fortune for it?

It’s all very well spending tons of cash in health stores and beauty shops, but there are plenty of things that you can do inside the home, for very little money, that make a huge difference to your appearance, too.

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Here are a few time-tested tips:


Once you’ve removed your make up, applying a coating of Vaseline to your eyelashes is a great way to make them grow. Just as your lips are delicate, so are these tiny hairs and protecting them during the night will let them grow to their fullest, thickest potential.

Papaya Juice

You might know that papaya juice is good for tenderizing meat. Did you know that this is because it contains proteins that break down dead skin cells? Mix the juice of half a papaya with the juice of half a kiwi and some powdered gelatin to make a facemask. This acts as an exfoliant without you having to scrub away at your delicate skin, and it smells great too!

Witch Hazel

Great for getting rid of bruises quickly. This is a great tip for naughty teens who come home with love bites!

Brushing Lips

Yes, that sounds odd but it works. Instead of throwing out your old toothbrush, keep it to rub over your lips every now and again. This gets rid of dead skin cells so they a perfectly smooth, and gives them bright red glow, too. Just put some Vaseline over the top and you’ve got a very natural, yet beautiful look.

Drinking Water

Yes, yes, yes you’ve heard it all before. Just remember 8 glasses a day and to take a bottle of water with you when you go out. Simple!


Dabbing turmeric mixed with a little water on acne spots before bedtime is an old beauty secret for perfect skin. It is said to dry them out to make them less noticeable, but make sure you cover your pillow with a handkerchief or dry towel to avoid yellow stains!

Aqueous Cream

This emollient cream, fragrance free and used to treat dry skin, is great for removing make up. It was once used as one of the ingredients in soap suds, but is hypo allergenic and comes in huge tubs. Wet your face, rub some over your eyes, rinse and rub off with a cotton pad. This is a great way to remove make up without harsh tonics and instead, moisturizing as you go along.


This is possibly another one that we all know about; placing slices of cucumber on the eyes to stop them being puffy. One of the worst things is having to go outside when you’ve been crying, or have slept badly. Rubbing cucumber juice over your eyes or spending five minutes in the morning lying down with some will take the edge off of puffiness.

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