Gabby Douglas: Poised For Success

Gabby Douglas, the amazing, gold-medal winning, gymnastic wonder with the magnetic smile, has made Olympic history by being the first African-American to win the gold medal in the Gymnastics All-Around final. You’d think that every community in the US, particularly the African American community, would be showing her nothing by their heartfelt pride and congratulations on her wonderful achievements.

And she’s ready to do it again at the 2016 Olympics. In fact, she’s looking better than ever with her soon-to-be teammate Simone Biles in a recent secret competition.

For Douglas, her recent 2015 performance will be considered a huge victory. In only her second event back as a member of the national team, Douglas finished second to Biles in the all-around, and took home the gold in her best event, the uneven bars.

“My comeback wasn’t fake, guys” Douglas said with a smile following the event.

Douglas finished 1.9 points behind Biles, the closest any American has gotten to Biles since 2013. For Douglas, the ability to compete with someone as good as Biles has fueled her to improve.

“I love Simone, and I love how she’s a great competitor. If there were gymnasts out here doing just round-off back handspring layout, or something, the competition wouldn’t be as fun,” Douglas said. “I will continue to do big gymnastics. That’s what makes it fun — the competition.”

The next big competition is the P&G Championships in August, where Biles, Douglas, and Raisman will all compete. Following the event, the team for the World Championships will be chosen. The US can only send six team members, and Biles and Douglas appear to be locks to make the team.

In her last performance, instead of applauding her truly breathtaking performances, this beautiful young lady is a hot topic in the Black community because of what? Her hair (insert sad, confused face).

Gabby looked and performed gracefully and represented not just African Americans, but…

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