Beyonce And The Master Cleanse Diet


Master Cleanse

Beyonce and the Lemonade Diet

( — Beyonce – the sultry songstress and curvaceous movie starlet – has wowed admires with her amazing voice and her dynamic performances on the stage and on the screen, but her most discussed accomplishment is  her transition from pleasantly plump to tiny and titillating for her role of Deena in the Academy Award winning movie Dream Girls.

As soon as Beyonce premiered her new slender figure, the buzz of her body outshined the initial buzz of the movie. The world was intrigued. Everybody wanted to know how she did it. The rumors started flying. Various reports claimed that she lost the weight by drinking water spiked with cayenne pepper.

The truth is, Beyonce followed the Master Cleanse Diet to shed those extra pounds. Also known as the Lemonade Diet, this diet plan was created by Stanley Burroughs over 50 years ago. Designed to cleanse the body by ridding it of toxins, a happy side effect of this now popular diet includes losing weight, though this was not its original intention. And while some diets curb your sugar and fat intake, and others advise you to stay away from carbs, the Lemonade Diet requires abstaining from food altogether. That’s right. A complete fast is the key factor in this ten to forty day diet. In fact, the only thing followers are allowed to put in their bodies is water – but not just any old water – it has to be spiked with lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

Burroughs’ diet has picked up many devotees over the years, despite skepticism from the medical community. Fans of the unique cleansing experience claim that it can also help to cure a number of ailments. This includes those classified as mucus diseases, such as allergies, asthma and the flu. Skin disorders and cholesterol are also wiped away by this not-so-typical fast. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. A whole host of problems can accompany this diet, including dizziness and, in severe cases, even vomiting. But the diet claims that this is not due to any lack of vitamins, as the lemonade provides everything that the body needs. It is simply a matter of all the poisons now circulating in the bloodstream. To counter feelings of sickness, the diet recommends drinking a laxative tea, which helps to stimulate bowel movements.

Once you’ve completed your fast, don’t expect to go on a food binge the very next day. Easing back into whole food is a somewhat slow process. The first two days after the fast, dieters are restricted to orange juice. The third day includes more orange juice, as well as a bit of raw fruit for lunch and some raw fruit and vegetables for dinner. After the third day, you’re ready to eat normally again, but the diet recommends continuing on with the concoction for breakfast and limiting yourself to a fruit, vegetable, seed and berry diet in the future.

By Chasity Johnson, BDO Executive Editor

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