5 Beauty Must-Haves You Need Right Now

african american woman putting on facial mask(BlackDoctor.org) — If there was an award for the industry providing the most consumer choice, the beauty industry should definitely be a nominee. In one sense choice is good, but then again, many people have nothing more than marketing to help determine which products are actually necessary. Here is what your basic five piece skincare arsenal should consist of.


Cleanser may seem like a no-brainer, but many people truly undervalue the importance of these products, especially men. It is common to find people with the attitude that facial cleansers are nice to have but if they don’t, then it’s no big deal. Facial cleanser is must have and if you don’t use one daily it’s a very big deal.

When you cleanse your face, your goal should be more than simply wiping away surface dirt. You need a product that penetrates and helps to restore your skin to its natural condition. Otherwise, you may suffer a wide range of problems including patchy, greasy skin riddled with pimples and blackheads.

To avoid these problems, African-Americans are normally advised to choose an oil-free cleanser. If your skin is dry, you may want a cream based product. In most cases, gel cleansers are the best, especially those containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).


There is an undying debate over the necessity of toner. Those who argue that people need to cleanse better and forget toner tend to focus upon the use of these products in general. However, professionals who have experience with black skin, such as Dr. Angelo Thrower of Heritage Skincare, note that toner is essential for African-Americans.

Our skin ages better and is less effected by sun than many ethnicities but black skin is not as tough and resilient as many assume. It is often oily and, perhaps to your surprise, it is also commonly sensitive. Toner is essential because it helps to remove residues and oils which can contribute to pore clogging and then acne. It is also important because it helps us restore and maintain our skin’s pH balance.

This does not mean you should rush out and snatch up the harshest astringent you can find. Instead, you should choose an alcohol-free product, such as witch hazel.


Since our skin is often oily, why do we need moisturizer, you may be wondering. But it is really quite simple. First, if the skin is properly cleansed at least twice per day, a lot of the oil is eliminated. Second, no one would ever conclude that eight glasses of oil could substitute for their daily water consumption so it’s also unreasonable to assume that it can substitute for your moisturizer.

Moisture helps to keep skin soft, healthy and smooth…something we all need. To ensure that you get these benefits, you should select your moisturizer based on your skin type. For combination and oily skin, avoid heavy products and opt for a serum, gel or something lightweight. Cream products provide a heavier protective layer and are best for dry to normal skin. Prioritize products containing natural ingredients such as aloe, Vitamin E, and fruit extracts. And, unless you plan to purchase a separate product, your moisturizer should also include sun protection.

Clay Mask

There are a wide range of masks on the market that are designed to achieve different goals. If you have to choose one from the bunch, a clay mask is usually the best way to go. This is an option that can offer you an array of benefits in a single product. Clay masks are excellent for absorbing excess oil and toxins. These products can unclog your pores, brighten your complexion, and exfoliate. Not only should your skincare arsenal include a clay mask, it should faithfully be used once to twice a week.

Spot Treatment

Inflammatory acne is the most common type for African-Americans. Whether you tend to have full fledged breakouts or a pimple here and there, your bumps are likely to swell. That swelling is responsible for the dark marks that serve as evidence of the problem even once its gone. Those maddening spots are, to a large degree, avoidable if the swelling can be avoided. This why you should keep either a spot treatment or tea tree oil on guard and ready so you can combat pimples on the moment you figure out they’re about to attack.