Fill Up On Foods That Fight Colds

A bowl of chicken noodle soup( — Do you think the worst of it is over? If you do, sorry to break the news, but we’re not free and clear yet. Cold and flu season typically can last from September until May, and many people find themselves even more susceptible to the sniffles as seasons (and temperatures) change.

Over 200 viruses can cause the common cold, and new strains of the flu are constantly developing. Because colds and flu don’t respond to antibiotics, preventing either one of them can be quite the tricky task.

The Common Cold & Frustrating Flu – What Really Works?

Between folklore, family recipes and science, differentiating myth from fact among cold and flu remedies has become difficult. But one fact that you can find comfort in is the effectiveness of food, including the long-time home remedy chicken soup. A well-known study done at the Nebraska Medical Center researched whether chicken soup works as a remedy to fight illness and help relieve symptoms. The study found that chicken soup contains a number of substances with healing effects—and the researchers concluded that chicken soup actually does work.