The Safest Beauty Procedures For Black Women

medical team performing surgery( — What does it mean to be beautiful? Why do people have certain cosmetic procedures performed? There are many answers…and these questions have been the subjects of many lengthy and controversial debates. But ultimately, beauty has always been about balance and symmetry…and looking healthier.

Today, more and more women (and men) wanting to embrace this idea often have beauty-enhancing treatments done.

What Are The Safest Beauty Procedures for Black Women?

Not only is there an upward trend in black women getting beauty procedures done and requesting enhancement of their own ethnic features. In the past, when it came to cosmetic procedures, black women had to worry about irreversible scarring. While this is still a specialized niche that should only be performed by highly skilled technicians, doctors and surgeons, black women today are safer than ever. If they choose to, black woman today can have just about any type of procedure done, such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction and face lifts.

However, there are two procedures that can still put black skin at great risk – facial dermabrasion and laser treatments:

• Facial Dermabrasion. This procedure carries an increased risk of infection and scarring. Ethnicities with darker complexions, including African-Americans, may develop excessive scar tissue and blotchiness following the procedure.


• Laser Treatments. The wrong type of laser hair removal machine can cause black skin to burn and form keloids. However, laser hair removal can be safely done on black skin by using a special laser designed for use on ethnic skin.

Maintaining Beauty As A Black Woman

How do you maintain your looks and find the right kind of beauty treatment for you? Remember that regardless of any cosmetic procedure, true and lasting beauty begins from the inside out with a healthy diet, excellent water intake and regular exercise. A daily cleansing and toning regimen, as well as treating facial and body skin to a great moisturizer with sunscreen, can help keep skin glowing. As always, controlling stress and getting enough sleep every night are additional keys to greater beauty.

By embracing herself and taking great care of what nature gave her, today’s modern woman is more beautiful than ever.

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A Guide To Great Facials

african american woman putting on facial mask

( — No matter how well you take care of your skin at home, there’s always a benefit to be had from getting the full facial treatment at a professional beauty spa. These days, keeping your skin in top shape with frequent facials doesn’t mean spending big bucks on a regular basis.

The Perfect Facial
You know when you’ve had a first-rate facial: your skin is radiant, your complexion is blemish-free, and should feel and look clean. Unfortunately, not all facials have such happy endings. In general, your first step to a fabulous facial is to get one from a licensed esthetician with special training in skin care.

Before a treatment, an esthetician should ask you detailed questions about skin, about your diet, exercise regimen, and any medication you might be on. You’ll also be asked what products you’re currently using, and what results you would like from the facial.

Choose your facial
You can choose from many different facial treatments including masks, peels and toners. Once the facial is complete, the esthetician offers a treatment to moisturize and protect your skin.

Variations on the European facial include the “mini-facial” – cleansing without extractions. Add vitamin C, and you have an “age defense” facial, “oxygen facial” is a mist of pure oxygen and when special collagen sheets are placed on the skin, it’s an “collagen facial.”

A good esthetician will spend only five minutes extracting blackheads and/or whiteheads, and will spend some time steaming your skin. Why? This helps soften the skin. It’s important to remember, though, that steaming should never last longer than 5-10 minutes.

Cleanse, exfoliate, massage
Next comes a cleansing process and analysis of your skin. Then the esthetician will refine and exfoliate your skin and give you a massage. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells that cling to the skin’s outermost surface. When done correctly, exfoliation leaves the skin smoother and fresher looking.

Look good, feel great
A facial should never hurt! You should never leave with inflamed or blotchy skin. After getting a facial you should feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Your skin will look and feel great.

Note: Ideally, get a facial every four weeks because that’s how long it takes the skin to regenerate. You may need it more frequently if you have acne problems. A facial usually starts around $80 at a day spa, though, at exclusive spas or hotels they may cost much more.