Q&A: What About The People Who Can’t Gain Weight?

scaleQ: Everyone talks about how to lose weight, but what about the people who can’t gain weight? – Jasmine H.





A: This is a problem many people wish they had the pleasure of having. Here are some tips that will hopefully help put on the pounds in a healthy way.

• Add an extra slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter at breakfast.
• Add extra cheese to an omelet and use an extra whole egg.
• Slice an apple and serve with peanut or nut butter.
• Stir chopped nuts into plain yogurt and add honey.
• Add more calories to plain potatoes with gravy or cheese sauces.
• Add butter, margarine (trans-fat free), olive oil, sauces or cheese to
• Carry a bag of trail mix for a snack.
• You can increase your protein (and calories) with protein bars and shakes.
• Serve yourself larger portions of starchy vegetables like white potatoes
and sweet corn.
• Add calories with a nutritious beverage such as milk, 100% fruit
juices, or vegetable juice.

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You may prefer to eat several small meals or snacks throughout the day. If you do not want to eat six small meals…

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