The Better Facial Cleanser: Oil Cleanse

olive oilLet’s “face” it, skin is a big deal! As women, we spend countless amounts of money on skin products to keep it smooth, clear and glowing. What if I told you that all of your clean and clear skin problems could be solved for less than $5? You probably already have these acne and wrinkle fighting ingredients at home now! If your kitchen doesn’t have extra virgin olive oil and your bathroom castor oil, you need to re-evaluate your product stash.

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So you might be wondering how does this work? The ideology behind it is if you smother your face with GOOD oil there is no room for the bad oil to come and take over your skin, causing things like pimples and blackheads. Castor oil typically is used as a laxative, however, this thick oil works as a dirt absorbent when used on the skin.

It gets deep into the pores and draws up dirt and other harmful skin particles. Because it acts like a vacuum, it cannot be used solely by itself, as it will create a very dry situation for your skin. This is why you must make a castor oil/olive oil cocktail mixture. The olive oil helps to balance the castor oil out. It also works like a moisturizer, keeping the castor oil from leaving your skin feeling tight. This is a 2-in-1 mixture! A cleanser and moisture for less than $5.

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