How Grace Jones Stays Slaying Us In Her Sixties (VIDEO)


The 5’10” statuesque physique. The bone structure. The trendsetting hair. The voice that gave us classic hits like, “Pull Up To My Bumper” and “I”m Not Perfect.” Jamaican singer, actress and model Grace Jones is a certifiable icon who is still making jaws drop well into her 60s with her fit body and gorgeous skin. What’s her secret?

“I do a little exercise, but I don’t do excessive body-building like when I trained twice a day for a year with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren,” Jones told the Evening Standard back in 2010.

Also, what keeps her looking young is her attitude. Jones has a way of keep her stress level low.

“I feel very good about my career because I’ve never had to compromise,” says Jones. “The trouble with so many people is they want to be part of the gang. They want to feel safe and fit in. You get married because society says you should do this or that. But look at society: It’s always changing its mind about what is right to do.”

Jones was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica into a family of ministers and lived with pious grandparents before joining her parents in NYC in her teenage years. In an interview with The Guardian, she says she lacked a comfortable childhood and she and her siblings were victims of their physical and psychological abuse.

Throughout her career, Jones was arguably celebrated in the media as much as her commentators were confused by her.

These days, Jones is known for her impressive hula-hooping technique. During her 2012 performance at the Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace, she hooped the entirety of “Slave To The Rhythm” and didn’t miss a bit.

Jones has had some memorable moments in her life, unlike any other supermodel.

Like, when Grace Jones gave birth to her only child — and then did push-ups.

Literally straight after giving birth.
“I’m an athlete,” she told the Guardian’s Barbara Ellen. “I didn’t want to be…

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