Twins: One Black, One White, A Lesson In Genetics

twinsLucy and Maria Alymer are twin sisters. One is a red head with straight tresses, the other has curls and a brown caramel complexion. Probably the only thing similar on these two are their dress size. But these young ladies are actually twin sisters.

With such opposing looks it can be really hard to believe that they would even be related to one another, let alone sisters.
The girls were born radically different in color thanks to the quirk of their mixed-race percentage.

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Lucy and Maria mother Donna is half Jamaican and their father, Vince is white. The two together managed to produce one white child and one black child that were actually twins.

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These two young ladies were born in January of 1997. Their mother was astonished when she’d first laid eyes on her two twin baby girls. Nothing on the scans could possibly prepare her for such a discovery.

Lucy, who currently lives with her family in Gloucester says, “It was such a shock for her because things like skin color don’t show up on scans before birth.”

“So she had no idea that we were so different. When the midwife handed us both to her she was just speechless.”
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