My Story: My Fibroid Surgery Taught Me…

Three years ago I went in for my annual pap and learned that I had a condition that was so common for women–specifically Black women, like myself. I had a fibroid. At the time it was the size of a quarter. However, the pain attached to it would cause trouble during my menstrual cycle and extreme pain during intercourse. It made sex extremely difficult, causing me to have a “let’s get it over with” attitude.

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When I described this to my gynecologist,  she advised that at 24, that was not the proper attitude to have regarding sex. So she offered suggestions on ways to combat the fibroid. Her first suggestion was to continue measuring the fibroid to see how rapidly the growth was. I was going for annual ultrasounds until in 2014 we learned that the fibroid grew from 2cm to 8.5cm.

Bri fibroid My Story 2015

Since the fibroid was positioned on my uterus the final decision was to complete a uterine myomectomy, where she would make an incision at the bikini line, go in and remove the fibroid. It was interesting to learn that the fibroid was growing so quickly and the pain also grew immensely. I would have pain to my knees some days, even without having intercourse or being on my cycle. At that point I knew something had to happen.