50 Days Live To Wynn No Carbs Challenge: “Being Healthy Is Bigger Than Losing Weight”

Before (L) and After (R)

Before (L) and After (R)

From squats challenges, water challenges, planking challenges (which we love to do in the BlackDoctor.org office!) to those addictive FitBit challenges, there’s no shortage of fitness challenges to keep you motivated once you’ve decided to take your health to the next level. “Next level living” is a mantra for Maisha Wynn, a Chicago-based entrepreneur and lifestyle specialist, who recently survived completed 50 days without carbs.

The founder of Live to Wynn, a boutique consulting firm, is no stranger to health transformations. After losing her beloved mother to stomach cancer and a multitude of other health issues, and losing over 100 pounds to overcome her battle with obesity, Maisha has made living her healthiest, most fulfilled life a priority.

Think you can’t live without carbs for nearly two months? Read on for Maisha’s #Wynning testimony.

BDO:  Why did you decide to do a 50 Day Challenge, and why did you choose to make it no carbs?

MW: Let’s call it a lifestyle transformation vs. a challenge. Why? I was mentally ready for “NEXT LEVEL LIVING & THINKING.” It all began after looking at some photographs of me at our most recent Live To Wynn Lifestyle Series in March. I wanted to truly exemplify the Live To Wynn brand and looking at those photos was proof I had fallen off due to being ill in February. I decided to give up complex carbs like oats, grits and sweet potatoes as well as simple carbs like raw honey and maple syrup because I was told by a trainer friend this would take my temple to a new level. Boy was he right! [Big Smile!] I know many people say you need carbs for energy. However, I was able to get my energy from drinking green tea and eating avocados and bananas early in the day.

Myisha yoga

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