7 Points About Sex Every Parent Should Discuss With Their College Bound Student

group college studentsThe end of summer marks the beginning of college careers for many students across the nation, and parents couldn’t be more proud. Beyond the flying mortarboards and cheers of glee lie another four years of education that will shape the very fabric of a young adult’s life. While academics will be a main focus, social settings and the allure of dating will set in, and sex will become a topic of discussion.  It’s time for parents to have conversations about sex with their young adults before sending them off into the world to explore.  Here are a few topics that every parent should cover during the “sex talk” with their children before college, first semester.

1. There is no rush to use it or lose it. 

Once from under the watchful eye of the protective parent, children will become excited about trying new things that were once forbidden before, and sometimes the pressure of becoming sexually involved can weigh heavy when in the midst of a population that seems to be sex crazed and far more experienced.  The goal in this conversation is to give the power of decision to your child and to let him or her know that the choice to become sexually active or to remain active in college is up to them. Not their peers, not their parents; the decision is completely theirs to own and make.  With this type of permission coming from a parental unit, a young adult will feel much more confident in decision making and release the feeling of guilt that is often associated with a loss of virginity or the enjoyment of sex.