The Makings Of A Beauty Icon: Afrobella’s Exclusive With ‘The Most Famous Jamaica Poster Girl’

Photo: Sintra Bronte courtesy

Photo: Sintra Bronte courtesy

It’s so funny to read the headlines when they’re about someone you know personally. So often rumors and falsehoods are presented as truth.  If you don’t know the real person and the real behind the scenes details, it can be easy to believe what you hear or what you read online.

Sintra Bronte is living proof of that. She is known to the world as the original Jamaican tourism board poster girl, a poster that has inspired legions of imitators and impersonators. But I have known her for as long as I can remember.  My mom became friends with Bill and Sintra Bronte in the early 1980’s and in Trinidad, we call close family friends Aunty or Uncle. I have grown up knowing her as Aunty Sintra. And I’m so proud and happy to FINALLY share her story here on Afrobella! We’ve been talking about this for YEARS.

Here are some recent photos, in case you want to see what the original Jamaica poster girl looks like today.

My Aunty Sintra

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