Bikini Line Razor Patrol

Two razorsRazor bumps are your bikini line’s worst nightmare! And even though the weather is getting a little chilly, you still don’t want to look down there and see dry, agitated, scabbed over, bumpy skin. Smooth lady parts are what you want and with the proper care and consistency smooth lady parts is what you will get!

Is It What You Think? 

Razor bumps, sometimes referred to as razor burn, look horrible, but they also can be easily mistaken. There issues that arise from shaving down under, like folliculitis or keratosis. Both of these skin conditions are often thought to be razor burn, but they are much different and should be cared for differently.

Folliculitis comes from bacteria getting inside the small pockets around your hair follicles and becoming infected . It can cause extreme itchiness, which then leads to the infection spreading. Severe cases can sometimes cause permanent hair loss and scarring.

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