Where Are Your Edges? 5 Reasons They’ve Gone Missing On You

African American Black woman with braids putting hair in ponytail

Not to be funny, but when I was growing up everybody had edges. The focus was geared towards people trying everything under the moon to grow more hair down their backs.

These days with the limitless amount of hairstyles and options for achieving said hairstyles Black women’s edges have gotten caught in the crossfire.

There are a lot of theories out there but I have nailed down the 5 major culprits that are taking down Black women’s edges.

1. DIY (Do It Yourself)

It’s cool that you can open up your YouTube University browser and find out how to do anything. However, some things are best left to licensed and trained professionals. Risking your edges to get a dope hairstyle done by one of your favorite YouTubers is not worth the pain and suffering of having balding edges.

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2. Going overboard with the gel

Some of the gels on the market contain too much alcohol which results in dry, damaged hair. Using gel excessively around your delicate edges can lead to breakage and unsightly damage.