Della Reese Describes What Really Killed Comedian Redd Foxx [VIDEO]

After actress Della Reese died on November 19, 2017, she and her good friend comedian Redd Foxx are now back together again.

Foxx gained notoriety with his raunchy nightclub acts during the 1950s and 1960s. Known as the “King of the Party Records”, he performed on more than 50 records in his lifetime. From movies to television shows, Foxx had since been known as one of the best comedians to have EVER done it.

One of his good friends in the business was singer and actress Della Reese.

“We were hungry together. We were out of work together,” Reese laughs loudly. “We shared sandwiches together. He (Foxx) loved helping others. The public makes him out to be a nasty mouth, mean person. He was the total opposite – a gentle loving person. If you needed something, he would go into his pocket and give it to you.”


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In the video above, Della Reese explains how

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