5 Old School Hair Tips That Still Work!

Portrait of confident old black lady with eyeglasses smilingWhen you think of the old school, it conjures up different memories for different people. For some, it’s old afro’s and afro picks. For others, it may bring forth images of 1,000 beads in braids while roller skating. For others, it may mean something totally different.

But one thing is for sure, usually when we think of old school, it’s full of fond, feel-good memories. And theses tips are no different. These are some old-school hair tips that bring out the best in your hair and still work to this day. Take a look at the top five:

Braid Your Hair Regularly

Mom had it right with this one, though our methods have changed slightly. Getting cornrows as a child was a daunting process though mama meant well. It was great for her to knock out a style and not have to worry about your hair for at least a week, right? That’s still the case. Protective styling is still very important for maintaining length and giving your hair a break from manipulation. The difference now is that tight braids are not encouraged. We now know that they can contribute to traction alopecia and breakage, so keep the braids light and loose.

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Give Your Hair A Break

In 2009 Oprah said, “I have worn weaves, I have worn wigs, I have done all of it, because in order to keep your hair, you can’t put heat on your hair every day! You have to give your hair a break.” It’s important for the health of your hair overtime to give our hair an extended break from daily combing and heat styling.


Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

While warm water opens a hair’s cuticle to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job, cold water helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture from the conditioner — which helps your hair look shiny and healthy. So, by all…