“Black Don’t Crack” Photo Of Mother & Daughters Goes Viral…Again


(Photo Credit: twitter.com/badcay)

“Black don’t crack” is an age-old saying that rings true in many Black families as we tend to not look like our age and our skin doesn’t crack or age like other ethnic groups.

Remember the photo of the Mahomes’ family? With what started out as a screen shot of a video, now has over hundreds of thousands of likes on one photo. Kaylan Mahomes posted a photo of her twin and mother, and simply labeled it “Mom, Twin & Me”. Then people from all over the world, from Zimbabwe to Thailand and Jamaica–and all kinds of races were commenting and sharing the one photo and of course had everybody guessing–which one?

Now, it’s happened all over again with this picture of Cayla Beach with her sister Cheyanne Rector and mother, Nikkia Griffith. Earlier this week, the teenager (right) found herself in the center of a viral debate as Twitter followers tried to guess who was older than who.


“People usually assume my mom is in her mid to late twenties,” Beach told Essence.com. “When we are in public, people always assume we are sisters and are shocked when we say that is our mother!”

Beach, who is actually only 14 years old (yes, we said 14), tells me her sister (in the black puffer coat, middle) is only 18 while her mother (in plaid) is 38 (yes, 38). But all of this Black Girl Magic begs the question — How do we ALL keep our skin looking younger?


(Photo credit: twitter.com/badcay)

While black skin is slower to show the typical signs of aging like fine lines, deep forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet around the eyes, the truth is, our skin is prone to uneven tone, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and…