Larenz Tate Celebrates 10+ Years Of Marriage: His Real-Life ‘Love Jones’

While actor Larenz Tate is probably best known for his role as the smooth talking, poet-reciting Darius Lovehall from the cult classic film about love, “Love Jones” on screen, off screen, he found his ‘love jones’ over 10 years ago in his wife Tomasina Parrott.

The pair has been married for 11 years as of December 2016 and have three children together. Ten years in Hollywood is at least 20 years in the real world. While Larenz keeps busy with roles on breakout drama series, movies and his new star-studded podcast, “Bronzeville,” he makes sure to keep the love of his life at the forefront of his mind.

So how do they still stay married all of this time?

“I think compatibility and friendship,” explains Tate to If you can have friendship, compatibility and true love…that for us are the ingredients for a successful marriage.”

“We don’t try to keep go by other people’s standards. What works in our household, may not work in the next household. We don’t try to get involved in everybody else’s business. It’s what we create and what we do that works for us.”

Not too many people online can find information or history or any kind of scandal or ANYTHING when it comes to Larenz and his wife. That, he says, is on purpose.

“We have three boys. And for us, our children are truly our pride and joy. I’m out there. But when it comes to our children, our three boys, it’s okay to have some level of privacy.”