5 Keys To Breast Cancer Survivorship

Whether you or a loved one has suffered from breast cancer, it can be understood that the experience was not an easy one to go through. Hearing the diagnosis of breast cancer brings many emotions along with it; fear, anger, denial, and sadness are some common emotions. But, each patient’s experience is different.

While the symptoms and stages will be similar, the effects on one’s emotional state will vary. As we know, there is a chance to survive breast cancer. Many see this as a blessing, but others see the survivorship of breast cancer to be just as scary and chaotic as dealing with the cancer itself. Survivorship is the term used to describe a patient’s state of being after breast cancer treatment is complete, per breast360.org. Following are five tips to help survivors adjust to their new normal.

Healthy Lifestyle. In order to have a successful survivorship, living a healthy lifestyle is pertinent. These healthy habits include a nutritious diet, regular exercise and no smoking. Limited alcohol intake will contribute significantly to the outcomes of survivorship. If you feel that you are going to struggle making healthy lifestyle decisions on your own, surround yourself with supportive people you trust to help you along the way.

Follow-up Visits. Patients should have visits with their breast cancer specialists every 3-6 months for the first few years after their treatments. These visits are important because this is when you will be given a physical exam and talk to your health care provider about how things are going post-treatment. It is important to let your physician know of any changes you have noticed. Patients also have to be sure to do their yearly mammogram.