There’s More To Ayesha Curry Than The Title ‘NBA Wife…’

Image: Instagram

Ayesha Curry has put in work to earn the titles of chef, actress, author, entrepreneur, CoverGirl model, TV host and mom of two – but one thing she is not – an “NBA wife.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever call myself that,” Curry said when asked what she thinks of the moniker ‘NBA wife’ during a recent interview with Nightline. “I mean, I don’t think my husband would call himself ‘chef’s wife.’”

Curry did, however, discuss what she considered to be her most important titles. “Obviously mom and wife first,” she said of the many different roles she leads. “Those are the two most important titles.”

While maintaining her household and being married to two-time NBA champion, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors, Curry has somehow managed to take advantage of many opportunities that have come her way.

If you thought Curry was simply an ‘NBA wife’ that likes to cook, you’re mistaken. Here’s a look at the different business ventures Mrs. Curry currently has going on.


As a self-taught chef, Curry grew up enjoying food and it wasn’t until after she created her blog, that Curry decided to share 100 of her favorite recipes with the rest of the world in her best-selling cookbook “The Seasoned Life.” The family-friendly cookbook has

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