Relationship Motivation- Pitfalls When You Have Ulterior Motives.

We are living in a society that continues to ponder the idea of what makes a person peruse intimate relationships. We have set standards and even expected gender roles for such relationships. As an individual, one’s motive and desire for pursuing an intimate or dating relationship can be either primarily self-centered or self-less.

Some factors that contribute to self-centered motives may be a goal to become financially stable by any means necessary; lack of mental energy to end and start a new relationship, or fulfilling personal goals until you find someone “better”.

Entering a relationship under false pretenses that does not include the primary interest of being interactive with the other person uncovers major pitfalls for a healthy relationship status. Imagine dating someone, who on the outside tells you how much they enjoy spending time together but really is planning a life that does not include you.

Can you envision dating someone, six-months later confirm exclusivity, only to find that you were more of a financial and emotional security for that person? A lot of mental preparation goes into dating and staying in a committed relationship when you have an ulterior motive.

Think about it. You have to continuously plan how you will