The Truth About Black Women And Breast Cancer

According to the Center for Disease Control black women have lower rates of getting breast cancer but have higher rates of dying from breast cancer. Why is this? There are many different dynamics to this problem. Black women are still less likely to get a mammogram when compared to white women due to insurance or access to care. This causes Black women to commonly have more advanced disease because of being diagnosed later.

There are many ways this concern can be addressed. I want to share with you a few common ways black women can decrease their chances of breast cancer mortality.

1. Make It A Priority To Get A Mammogram

The American College of Physicians (ACP) now recommends a mammogram every other year for women 50 to 74 years old who are at average risk for breast cancer. The keyword here is ‘average risk”. This does not apply to women who have had abnormal test results or to those who have a higher risk for breast cancer due to

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