6 Tips & Tricks To Make Your Money Flow Better

you’re staying on top of transactions on your account. Too many times, I have had to call out companies and even my bank for charging small fees, or even unauthorized transactions on my accounts. A simple call to the bank will fix it or give clarification of the charge immediately.

Never Save Your Card on File

Yes, I know it’s convenient and a time-saver, however saving your card on file can lead to craziness in the end. From unauthorized transactions by whoever has your Amazon Prime login to the AKIRA spending binge, you found yourself in last week, saving your card on file is just the fastest way for your money to come out. If you’re trying to save money, make sure to only use the “save card on file” option for bills. Trust.

Set A Threshold on Your Accounts

Many credit cards have this feature, but what many don’t utilize enough if the threshold for their debit card accounts as well. I recommend setting a realistic amount that your money won’t go below. So, if you set a