Anowa Adjah: A Powerhouse Physique

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We know there are usually distinct differences when a woman steps on a scale compared to a man. A woman’s weight should be significantly lower, usually 30 -60+ lbs less than her male counterpart to be considered healthy. But that is not always true. Meet Nigerian American Enewan Anowa Adjah, a Brooklyn native, mother of twins and fitness enthusiasts who is taking the fitness world by storm. She is a dancer and athlete turned fitness guru who is over 200lbs and recently released her first set of exercise videos, Powerhouse Physiques.

On her web bio Anowa explains that in high school her physique was such a problem that she would turn to violence to fight off the bullies.

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Anowa received much criticism from her peers for her muscular frame and profound African features. At the tender age of 12 Anowa stood a staggering 5’7 inches and 140 pounds. Her distinct appearance segregated her from most of her peers. Consequently, Anowa expressed her dissent through confrontation and physical violence. As an alternative to her obstructive behavior, Anowa’s parents got her involved in Athletics.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

“My mother was a major influence on me to do fitness,” confesses Anowa. “She was a former Track & Field athlete in Nigeria and has always been committed to working out and taking care of herself.”

She graduated from Temple University with a degree in Public Relations, but she also got the chance to explore her passion for dance. By the time she left Temple she had founded ‘By Any Means Necessary’, a dance troupe that toured the East Coast. Most recently she has been promoting her eponymous fitness brand across social media and touring.

On her Facebook page Anowa says she is proud to be a member of the 200lbs plus club, and she is trying to teach women how to lose the fat but keep their curves. She is doing that with her new fitness challenge that starts this month.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

Her “Lose the Gut, Keep The Butt” Challenge is one of the most popular because of the results that she’s able to achieve for her clients. Testimony after testimony, clients share just how they’ve lost weight, became healthier and feel better.

“I came across Anowa while searching the web for a full-figured female fitness trainer,” says one of her testimonials. “I learned of Anowa’s abilities via her YouTube videos. I was so happy to know that such a person existed and was amazed…