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    3 Meat Myths: Busted!

    Grilled meat
    Whether it’s grilled, baked or fried, many people love to savor the juicy delights of burgers, chicken and other popular meats. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of popular myths out there about the right way to prepare and cook that meat.

    Here are three of the top meat myths that are not only destroying flavor…but making you sick:

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    Eating pink pork will make you sick.

    Once upon a time this may have been true as there was a fear of ingesting an ugly parasite named trichinosis. Cooking pork to a safe, but gray interior temperature of 160 degrees would kill off trichinosis — but who would want to eat that dried up chop?

    Today, government standards have all but eliminated the risk of trichinosis contamination from pork. According to the Center for Disease Control, between the years of 1997 through 2001, the average reported cases of trichinosis was twelve.

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