Humira Gets Expanded Approval for Psoriatic Arthritis

    The Abbott Laboratories drug Humira (adalimumab) has been given expanded
    approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to slow structural joint
    damage in people with psoriatic arthritis. The condition affects people who have
    skin psoriasis.

    Humira was initially
    approved for overall treatment of psoriatic arthritis in October 2005. It’s also
    been sanctioned to treat moderate-to-severe rheumatoid arthritis, and an
    inflammatory disease of the spine called ankylosing

    Psoriatic arthritis
    combines symptoms of arthritis — including joint pain and inflammation — with
    those of psoriasis, including painful red lesions on the skin. Clinical testing
    on 313 people who hadn’t responded to NSAID therapy found that people given
    Humira had significantly less joint damage than study participants who took a
    non-medicinal placebo, Abbott said in a statement.

    People who took Humira also demonstrated increased ability to perform
    daily functions such as getting dressed, walking, and climbing stairs, the
    company said.


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