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    9 Doctor’s Office Mistakes You’re Making

    Doctor with patient
    Doctors aren’t perfect. But sometimes, patients unknowingly do things that may sabotage successful treatment. Are you doing certain things in the doctor’s office that prevent you from getting the quality care you need?

    Most doctors see their relationship with their patients as a partnership, where both of you need to work together.

    Here are the top 10 things doctors want you to either stop or start doing, so that they can take better care of you.

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    Stop talking on your cell phone while you’re in the exam room. Your health is an important thing…the phone call can wait.

    Stop lying. From sexual practices to bad eating habits, many patients choose not to disclose the full truth to their physicians. Unfortunately, the only way a doctor can treat you to the best of their ability is if they have as complete a picture as possible about your particular health needs. Stop being so afraid that your doctor will judge you, and start telling them the truth.

    Start describing what you’re feeling as accurately as possible. Is your pain sharp or dull? Is your headache more in your temple or towards the middle of your head? These details may not seem important, but they can help your doctor make the right diagnosis for you to start feeling better.

    Doctors agree that if possible, you should describe the exact location of your problem, how intense the pain is, what may have provoked it and how long it’s lasted. To help you remember, write down your symptoms, as well as any questions that you may have for the doctor during your appointment.

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