Beauty Foods You Don’t Even Have To Eat

scattered coffee beans leading to a cup of coffee( — At a time when more people are turning to natural remedies, there is a lot of discussion about the connection between diet and beauty. What you may not hear as often is that there are a number of foods that offer beauty benefits…whether you actually eat them or not.

Here are four examples that may already be on your shopping list…


We kick off the list with coffee since it is how many of us begin the day. If you are looking for a cellulite solution, turn to your coffee machine. Mix coffee grounds with olive oil, rub the mixture onto the affected area, and cover it with plastic wrap for 10 minutes. You should notice immediate improvement.

Coffee fights cellulite because it dehydrates fatty cells, resulting in smoother skin. It is also constricts blood cells, which has a tightening effect. For these reasons, coffee is also highly recommended to treat puffy eyes and the fine wrinkles that often surround them.