What's Really In Your Skin Care Products?

african american woman with beautiful skin(BlackDoctor.org) — The average woman puts several different products on her face daily. From moisturizers to makeup, hundreds of ingredients get slapped on our skin without much thought as to what’s actually inside. Since Black skin especially has its own set of needs, you should start looking out now for the best and worst ingredients for healthy, glowing skin.

Which natural ingredients are best for your skin?

Proven natural ingredients are the first ones you should trust on your skin.  Aloe Vera is great for healing sores and burns caused by relaxers or other chemical damage as well as skin discolorations.  For scarring, honey surprisingly works wonders by preventing scars with its antibacterial compounds.   Other natural products that are good for your skin include:

• Green Tea – It helps control breakouts in acne-prone skin.

• Shea Butter – Our grandmothers and mothers have been touting the effects of Shea butter for years, and they’re right. Derived from the Shea nut of West Africa, this butter helps heal existing scars and even out the skin tone.