The Pear & Apple & Banana Workout

apple and pear( — You’re probably wondering “What does fruit have to do with my shape?!” right? Well, according to fitness experts, one size (or body type) does NOT fit all.

“By building up weaker or less developed parts of your body, you’ll maximize your natural shape,” says Laura Mak, owner of Mak Attack Fitness in Marina del Rey, California.

Are You A Pear, An Apple Or A Banana?

First, figure out which body shape best describes yours: a pear (bottom-heavy), an apple (rounder in the middle), or a chili pepper (a narrow frame from head to toe). Then do the basic routine for your type – you’ll need a stability ball and a set of 5 to 8 pound dumbbells. All three body types follow the same basic strength workout, but each will complete a different number of sets and reps.

Workout Frequency: Do the strength routine twice a week; do the recommended cardio three times a week.