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    My Story: “When This Changed, So Did My Life”


    Anthony was 315 pounds with a blood sugar level of 500 – he had to do something! Below is his account of the steps he took to take back his life:

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    I went to the doctor, and found out that not only was I 315 pounds, but I also had a blood sugar level of 500. The prognosis? I was now a diabetic, and I would have to live with the consequences of my failure to take care of myself.

    I knew there wasn’t a cure, but I didn’t want to take pills, either. Instead, I opted to take full responsibility for my health. I did some research on all aspects of my new condition, as well as going to health food and nutrition stores. I became obsessed with overcoming diabetes and controlling my health…I didn’t want to feel as if only the doctor would be able to help me. I wanted to help myself.

    So I came up with a 6-step process to get healthier:

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