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    The Healthiest Foundation For Your Skin

    Three drops of foundation, each in a different shadeDoes healthy foundation for a flawless look even exist? One of the most common problems that women make is putting too much of the wrong foundation all over their face,  instead of choosing the right shade and formula for their skin, and then using less of it.

    But first — which form do you choose? There are sticks, liquids, creams, and powders. If you have normal skin, you’re fine with anything. Dry skin is best with a cream or liquid — these glide easily over the skin. Oily skin is best with an oil-free liquid but a powder foundation’s even better.

    You should go for the sheerest coverage possible. Show your real skin through your foundation. It has life in it — freckles and little idiosyncrasies are what make you…you. Liquid is the sheerest form of foundation. Powder and dual finish powder are less sheer. And cream can be the heaviest, most opaque of all.

    How to get flawless skin

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