Who's Happier: Single People Or Married People?

married husband and wife(BlackDoctor.org) – More and more studies show that many people, regardless of race and/or gender, are getting married later in life. And by now, we’ve all heard the statistics about a staggering majority of African American women never marrying at all.

Singledom. It is what is is. But does being single mean that you’re at a disadvantage, inclined to by miserable and unhealthy for the rest of your life? There are many myths (some of them down right insulting) about the quality of life for single people – but thankfully, the actual facts paint a much brighter, happier picture!

Singles Aren’t As Happy As Married People

Many people, even friends and family, sometimes think of single people as being sad, even miserable. But actually, on the average, single people are almost always on the happier end of the scale, according to many major studies. Also, it’s a well known fact that getting married hardly changes someone’s overall happiness – yes, married people experience a great deal of happiness, especially in the beginning (the honeymoon effect), but then they go back to being as happy or as unhappy as they were when they were single. Furthermore, only some married people enjoy the honeymoon effect at all.

Single People Prefer To Be All Alone