Goverment Medical Panel Says No To Prostate Cancer Screening

senior man sitting in chair, with hand on head( — According to a government panel, the PSA blood tests that check for prostate cancer do more harm than good and healthy men should no longer receive them as part of routine cancer screening.

The recommendation by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force will not be a surprise to cancer specialists…contrary to the controversial recommendations that the same panel made regarding breast cancer screening in 2009.

No major medical group recommends routine PSAs, and the government panel’s guidelines had long advised men over 75 to forgo them. The new recommendation extends that do-not-screen advice to healthy men of all ages.

Yet, the vast majority of men over 50 have had at least one PSA blood test. The assumption is that finding cancer early is always a good thing.

Not so, said Dr. Virginia Moyer of the Baylor College of Medicine, who heads the task force.